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About Us

We are a team of professionals committed to meeting the demand of online education in Australia. The passion and joy we have for our work makes us the right fit for any individual looking to grow their career.

Founders Message 

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Melbourne Learning Studio, one of Victoria’s most innovative, engaging, and unique educational platforms dedicated to serving primary and secondary school students. MLS is built on 3 main core values: relationships, transparency, and diversity. Our vision of building a wonderful learning community has become a reality with the help of our inquisitive students, supportive parents, highly skilled staff, and exclusive assessment materials. Our programs are designed by experienced trainers and assessors to give students a modern touch in learning to help them thrive in their academic journey.

Our tutors and staff are selected through a careful recruitment process and are trained on an ongoing basis to demonstrate excellent teaching methodologies. We believe that learning must be implemented as a routine in a child’s life and as educators, we are here to guide them throughout. Therefore, while delivering high-quality interactive tutorials, we pay attention to our children’s study routines outside class hours. Our free helping class and personalised study plans help children successfully get into a habit of consistency and resilience in their daily practice in a fun and engaging way.

I extend to you a very warm welcome to Melbourne Learning Studio while affirming that we can provide your child with the knowledge and skills, to transform them into a competent individual.​

Devni Wanigaarachchi. BEng (Civil) (Hons)

Founder/ Principal Educator at MLS

Our team comprises alumni from renowned universities around the world.

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