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Fostering a holistic approach to education in Australia

We empower students to sit for competitive exams with an ease of mind! 

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Empowering students across 4 regions in Australia

Any level of effective study involves time management. MLS inculcates methods and fixes to help students manage their precious time better in achieving their study & exam goals.

Time Management

A common problem faced by students in their studies is the lack of motivation. MLS helps students stay motivated through reward based learning, understanding learning styles and communication


Our study methods, using latest technology and gamification helps students cut out distractions while creating the perfect learning environment 


With the evolution of technology and social media, students very often find themselves procrastinating. All MLS learning & study methods are curated for each student separately and our tutors are trained to find the students learning style and keep their attention by setting achievable goals.


Your child's mental health is of utmost value to us. One objective of our holistic educational methods is to keep our students always smiling. Our tutors are well equipped to monitor all students mental wellbeing in order enable to them to succeed.

Mental Health

Witness your child's success from the comfort of your home 

Our sessions are guided by the latest Australian Curriculum Version 9.0 

Our approach to holistic education

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Reviews from students and parents

"My daughter loves her English and Math lessons with Devni. She is very supportive and friendly!"


"My son performed above average for his ICAS exam last year with Devni's help. Thanks Devni for your exceptional service!"


"Devni is a very patient and friendly tutor. I was very weak in trigonometry and she taught me all the areas of the chapter very well before my exams."


"This is THE BEST place to learn about persuasive and creative writing. My son got a scholarship in Melbourne High School last year thanks to Devni's efforts."


"Very kind and supportive teacher! She goes above and beyond to help my daughter understand her school work."


"I have known Devni for almost two years now. She is one of the best tutors for Math methods. She motivated me a lot for my exams."


Trusted by over 100+ students & parents in Australia