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Private Tutoring in New South Wales

Homework and assignment help: We're here to assist students with their tasks and projects.

Aligned with the New South Wales Curriculum: Our program tailors education to your child's school requirements.

Engaging and productive learning: We use cutting-edge technology to make education exciting and effective.

Online one-on-one tutoring: Personalized support for your child in subjects like English, Math, and Science.

New South Wales

Personalised Online Tutoring in

Students at Melbourne Learning Studio in Victoria receive customised online & personalised learning programs which are mapped to the Australian Curriculum. Students learn exactly what their school in the surrounding suburb learn about!

Our tutoring in Victoria is Mapped to the Australian Curriculum

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Other Programs

Mental Health

All current students at MLS will receive free access to our complimentary mental wellbeing sessions conducted by industry experts. 

Mental wellbeing is of utmost importance in a Childs life. The mental health of a student can affect their education, social life, and emotional wellbeing. Students struggling with their mental health may experience greater challenges throughout school and adulthood, while those not struggling may have a greater zest for their education, social experiences, and more.

Public Speaking

Presentation skills and public speaking training are important soft skills for students to build the reliance they need to thrive in a constantly changing world.


We want to enhance the students' critical thinking, communication, and teamwork abilities while also assisting them in developing confidence and empathy by providing them with enjoyable, friendly, and safe learning settings in the MLS public speaking program.

Writting Camp

MLS will be conducting writing camps online/ in-center for school students.


Topic areas covered: Informative, persuasive, imaginative, narrative, description analytical, procedural, poetry, comparative writing. Our goal is to train the students to think and respond efficiently and develop advanced skills in idea generation, sentence structures, essay structures, cohesion, and vocabulary.

Parent Reviews

Devni is one of the best tutors in Sydney so far for English!  After having lessons with Devni, My duaghters instantly fell in love with the subject! I've been getting so many positive remarks from their school teachers ever since!

Payton Hillman

Devni and her team have been very understanding and supportive from the start. They are very quick in response and would go above and beyond to explain anything my son doesn't understand.


MLS's study guides have helped my son to improve in writing a lot. He has been here for only 2 months and he is already getting good marks in school. Highly recommended tutor.


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