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Teacher Shortage

Severe shortages, particularly in STEM and languages, threaten the quality of education for many students.

Digital Divide

Unequal access to technology hampers digital learning opportunities, hindering educational equity.

Standardized Testing Pressurre

​Overemphasis on standardized tests narrows education, potentially stifling creativity and comprehensive learning.

Resource Disparities 

Regional inequalities persist, with rural and remote areas facing significant resource deficits

Rising academic pressures contribute to increasing mental health-related hospital admissions among young students.

Mental Health Concerns

At MLS we are addressing critical challenges in the Australian Education System

The education landscape in Australia currently faces several pressing challenges that demand attention and innovative solutions. These issues impact students, teachers, and communities alike.

For Students

Introducing MLS for Schools Programs

In response to these issues, we at MLS are committed to serving the community and improving the educational experience for students and teachers.

What We Offer

  1. FREE Access to MLS Masterclass Courses: Both students and teachers can access our comprehensive masterclass courses.

  2. FREE Technical Support: We provide technical assistance and support with setup to ensure a seamless experience.

  3. FREE In-School Workshops: Our workshops cover a range of topics, including writing, mental health, Mathematics, English, and Science units for Year 11 and 12, as well as NAPLAN assistance.

  4. FREE Discounted After-School Tutoring: Both remote and in-school options are available at discounted rates for all students.

  1. FREE Professional Development (PD) Sessions: Our PD sessions are
    designed to enhance teacher's understanding of MLS programs and how to effectively utilize this valuable resource in their classrooms.

For Teachers

MLS For Schools

Our Goal

MLS's primary goal, in exchange for the services and resources we offer through this program, is to increase awareness of our eLearning programs and resources within your school community. We recognize that teachers are frequently approached by parents seeking guidance on their child's educational needs. By integrating our programs into your school, we aim to equip your teachers with the knowledge and tools to offer informed advice to families who may inquire about MLS programs.


If you're interested in partnering with MLS and joining our program, please contact us on or call us on 0499882904 for more information and to discuss how we can collaborate to enhance education in your school.

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