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Celebrating Young Writers: Winners of the Children's Day Essay Competition

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the Children's Day Essay Competition, a platform for young minds in Australia to express their creativity. This competition, hosted by Team MLS, focused on themes related to Children's Day, and we were genuinely moved by the exceptional entries we received.

Inspiring Young Minds with Children's Day Themes

The competition centered on themes related to Children's Day, and the participants' ability to capture the essence of this special day was truly remarkable. From highlighting children's rights to sharing heartwarming stories that celebrated the joys and challenges of childhood, these young writers brought these themes to life.

Announcing the Winners: One Exceptional Writer per Category

After rigorous evaluation, we are pleased to introduce the one exceptional young writer from each age category:

Age Category: 6-9 years

Winner: Tharush Ariyarathna

Age Category: 10-12 years

Winner: Kiara Sangvi

Age Category: 13-15 years

Winner: Alina Singh

Age Category: 16-18 years

Winner: Naba Shereen Ali

Prizes and Recognition

Our winners received a $100 voucher from The Kids Gift Card – The Card Network, usable in various stores. They were also be presented with a Certificate of Achievement.

Celebrating Creativity

This competition has not only enhanced the writing skills of our young participants but has also provided a stage for them to share their unique perspectives and storytelling abilities with the world. The future of literature and creative writing looks bright with such talented young minds among us.

Congratulations to All Participants

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the students who participated. Your dedication, hard work, and creativity are truly commendable.

Stay tuned to our website to read the winning essays and witness the creativity of our one outstanding winner in each category.

Warm regards,

Team MLS

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