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Does your child go to a 'panic-mode'​ before exams?

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Whenever students join us for Exam Preparation Programs, the most common response we get from them is, 'I am stressed' Sadly, most children don't open up about their stress. Instead, they show signs such as feeling moody, poor sleep, lack of motivation in studying, loss of appetite, and trouble making decisions. This makes us wonder... as educators and parents... have we created a stressful culture for our children based on examinations?

What’s the actual stress? Is it the exam? Is it the result? OR is it the lack of guidance we give to our children in their daily study routine? Stress is the gap between expectation and reality. So, when a child often comes to us complaining about the ‘stress’ of exams, it is mainly because they don't see themselves overcoming the gap between their current skill level and the expected skill level.

At Melbourne Learning Studio we take our children's mental health seriously. So, we've developed a 5 steps approach to help our students overcome the exam pressure.

Listen: Try to analyze what is causing them this pressure. Listen to them about their problem. Is it a high level of expectation they have for themselves? Is it the fear of failure? Or is it simply not understanding a topic area too well?

Routine: Make a study plan for the child- way ahead of the examination. The study plan helps the children build a routine of studying and revising instead of cramming at the last minute.

Connect: No one likes a disconnected teacher who puts them down when they struggle. Motivate them when they are struggling and let them know you believe in them. Build a bond with the child. When exams are nearby, speak to them about ENJOYING the examination, instead of giving them extremely high targets.

Recreation: How many times have you had to ask your kids to get off the Fortnite and Minecraft games or TV on a daily basis? But have you ever found yourself asking them to get off their school/tutoring LMS? Kids love games because it is entertaining. This is why we need to make learning fun too! Gamify the learning experience. All monthly tests leading to exam preparation at Melbourne Learning Studio are gamified to give them an engaging experience.

Rest: Let the child take a break- from tutoring, studying, and all academics. If they feel overwhelmed, they need a break to recharge. Remember, at the end of the day, it is about letting the students face an experience more than an 'exam'.

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